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Get Alerts

on Ransomware Intrusions

and Respond Quickly to the Attack


Get alerts on possible ransomware activity straight to your mailbox

If a user has just modified a hundred files within a minute, this could be a sign of ransomware in progress. Take advantage of instant threshold-based alerting on aberrant file server activity and take appropriate measures to stop the intrusion.


Find out where potentially harmful files reside

Identify where potential malware,such as ransomware client executables, reside so you can block these files immediately and thwart the encryption of your data.


Discover compromised user accounts

Reveal which accounts were used to perform potentially damaging actions around your data. Then drill down into details of each incident by clicking on the corresponding number and uncover how the attack progressed and what data has been affected.


Discover which files and folders were renamed

Get the full list of renamed content and learn old and new names for each file or folder, so you can quickly take measures to minimize the damage.


Optimize the data recovery process

After ransomware is identified and removed, use Netwrix Auditor’s built-in reports to get a complete list of files and folders that need to berestored from backup. 


Get video evidence of how the ransomware was unleashed

Get explicit evidence you need to investigate this security incident with screen activity video recording. See what actions were taken, step-by-step, and determine how and when a ramsomware got into your IT environment, so you can prevent such incidents from happening in the future. 

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Netwrix Integrates

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Into Spiceworks

Introducing Netwrix Change Notifier Widget

Shows what was changed with ‘before’ and ‘after’ values.

Provides meaningful insight into changes eliminating the need to analyze tons of native logs.

Aggregates data from multiple servers and reports changes on a daily basis.