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Monitor Changes to IT Systems and Access to Data

with Netwrix Auditor Free Edition

New IT Security Software

It will never expire or stop working when you need it.

Tracks all changes and access events in your critical systems and automatically delivers the information straight to your mailbox.

Automate user activity monitoring

Built on proven Netwrix technology

Consolidates information from multiple independent sources to transform raw data into meaningful and actionable intelligence.

100% free security monitoring

Reports on user activity in your environment for as long as you need it to.

Scales with your business

Seamlessly upgrades to the full version of Netwrix Auditor, which delivers complete visibility into user behavior for data security and risk mitigation.

“Incredible free auditing/monitoring tool. Indispensable tool for anyone who considers himself a competent Windows sysadmin.”

Nedeljko Visnjic, Spiceworks Community

Broadest coverege of IT systems

Active Directoy and Group Policy

EMC Storage

Office 365

Windows file servers

Azure Active Directory

Windows Server

Oracle Database


SQL Server


NetApp filers


Reports on user activity across all of your on-premises or cloud-based IT systems in a unified way.

Get to evaluate the full version of Netwrix Auditor free of charge for 20 days

and decide whether you need the extended functionality

If you need complete visibility into user behavior for mitigating security risks and shielding your sensitive data from external attacks and malicious insiders, consider upgrading to the commercial edition of Netwrix Auditor after your free 20-day trial expires.

Learn more about the commercial edition